About Our Company

Mothers Choice Products was started in 1993 by Sandra Hass, a registered nurse specializing in maternal child health. While teaching prenatal classes and after having her third child she came to the realization that there was very little selection of quality products for mothers.

The business was started by distributing Ameda breast pumps and accessories, the same brand that hospitals have trusted and used since 1942. These products were so well received in the retail locations that it was decided to expand the product line to include other items to help moms and their growing families.

 Our Goal:

Is to provide the right products to the right people for the best price possible and because of our passion and dedication we do our utmost to deliver optimal customer satisfaction every time. We strive to be the most credible and successful distributor of consumer parenting products in Canada, always delivering excellent service to our customers and providing essential products to our consumers. We have been delivering results for over 20 years.

Our Support:

Through education and support, our business partners possess the confidence in knowing that Mothers Choice Products always has the health and safety of all of our customers in mind. Our aim is to make essential products available to the widest audience possible. All products we consider for distribution must be of the highest quality and will provide a relevant and necessary added value to parents and their babies.

Customer service is something we take pride in from sales, marketing, to consumer support. Our fully trained Customer support team can be easily reached by a dedicated help email and phone line, for any after the purchase questions, technical support and warranty issues. Customer satisfaction is a must for consumer brand loyalty.


Mothers Choice Products can help you achieve success!

  • IMP Prints offers a line of products that allow mothers to make precious keepsakes of their newborn by capturing a hand or footprint on paper and all within the comfort of their own home.
  • Dimpleskins Naturals is an all-natural skin and body care line that is manufactured by hand to ensure the highest standards are met.
  • Mom's Kisses is a wonderful natural, pure product made from the Arnica flower to help heal bruises and sore muscles. When a mom's kiss is not enough.  
  • PumpEase™ frees up time for new moms by facilitating hands free breast milk pumping.
  • Tenscare products are safe,drug free way to treat incontinence and manage pain from labour and childbirth. Elise treats stress, urge and mixed incontinence. It is changing the way people think about incontinence, as it is a treatment recognized by many professionals. MamaTens provides a safe drug free way to manage labour. It has been "go to" for pain management during deliveries for many years in the UK. The dry night trainer works to help kids with bedwetting issues.
  • HairyKids is an excellent way to wash your kids (and adults too!) hair and body. HairyKids is all-natural, Non-GMO, SLS and paraben free, made in small batches right here in Canada with only the highest quality ingredients. It comes in unscented Bare Bear which is safe for newborns and lightly scented Beachy Bubbles for infants one year and up.
  • Snappies containers to collect, feed and store in one container. The snap top lid makes it easy to use, never drop a lid again! Can be used with any standard breast pump.
  • Sterifeed a leader in bottle technology for over 20 years and trusted by NICU, Special care Nurseries and pediatric hospitals globally. Sterifeed bottles are an excellent choice to keep breast milk safe.