Ameda is considered by many Canadian health care professionals as the premiere breast pump manufacturer in the world today. With 70 years of engineering know-how and proven success, millions of new mothers and their babies have benefitted from Ameda breastfeeding pumps. The company continues to advance the capabilities and benefits of their breast pumps. Click here to find a retailer near you

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Every day Ameda helps empower families to achieve their breastfeeding goals through education and products that make breast pumping easier, more comfortable and effective. By building on the original engineering that went into Einar Egnell's first breastfeeding pump and using 21st century innovative technology with mom friendly features, Ameda is making its full commitment to support and protect breastfeeding.

Some of the great benefits that Ameda breast pumps offer new mothers:

  • Customizable speed settings to maximize milk flow
  • Different flange sizes allow for the greatest comfort for the mother
  • Advanced design features keep out unwanted moisture and air so bacteria and viruses can’t slip in
  • The Ameda Platinum breast pump has a rhythmic waveform that mimics the same intensity as an infant, making for very effective milk extraction

Ameda also supplies new mothers in Canada with full support including access to education about the best breastfeeding practices, a supportive community and advice from lactation professionals.

Unlike many other breast pump manufacturers, Ameda adheres to the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. Ameda is proud to stand tall in support of the Code, helping to strengthen worldwide compliance.

Mothers Choice Products is very proud to offer the full range of Ameda breast pumps and accessories. We also have fully trained professionals on our staff that will gladly provide assistance and support for your team and any questions that they have.

The  Ameda Purely Yours had been awarded the prestigious Today's Parent Award 2015 for Value, Quality and Ease of Use. 

Ameda CustomFit™ Flange System from Ameda on Vimeo.

Proven Airlock Protection™ from Ameda on Vimeo.

Ameda Breastfeeding Basics from Ameda on Vimeo.

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