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Why natural? What is ‘wrong' with chemicals? Aren't chemicals safe in a product if it is sold in a store?

Dimpleskins has developed a very effective product line, without the use of synthetic ingredients! Dimpleskins Naturals is committed to using ZERO chemicals for this main reason:

82% of children are exposed to one or more known human neurotoxins every week through their use of personal care products.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, several factors contribute to children's exceptional vulnerability to the harmful effects of chemicals (NAS 1993). Consider the skin. Studies confirm what any parent knows: an infant's skin is soft and delicate.

Dimpleskins has its own 'Skin Care Bakery' in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, where we hand make our own products. Dimpleskins only uses only pure or organic ingredients, all derived from vegetable and plant oils. The ingredients are non toxic, and most are even edible!
We want you to know exactly what you are putting on your baby's delicate skin, and for this reason we list every single ingredient on our labels. We use 100% pure or organic raw ingredients, which have not been altered or preserved with synthetic chemicals.
Why are the Boo Boo Goo and Sniffles Eucalyptus Rub not for use on newborns? Both of these products contain pure essential oils which are recommended for children over the age of 6 months. That being said, we only use less than a 1% dilution of these oils in our products, so they are still extremely mild.