Dry Night Trainer - Bed Wetting Alarm

Are you a parent of a child who is still wetting the bed most nights? You know how stressful this can be. Bed-wetting (otherwise known as nocturnal enuresis) is a common childhood problem. Bed-wetting alarms offer parents a non-pharmacological therapy which can treat the underlying pathophysiology involved in bed-wetting.

In Canada roughly 15% seven year olds and 2% of  ten year olds suffer from frequent bed-wetting.

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Why use a Bed-Wetting alarm?

• Nighttime incontinence is not within the child's control. Parents are reluctant to approach Doctors about their child's bed-wetting and if they do they are hesitant to use prescribed medication

• The most critical aspect of treatment is reassurance for the child, who may experience low self-esteem.

• The bed-wetting alarm has the highest long-term success rate. It is the only non pharmacologic treatment that has been shown to treat bedwetting with long-lasting effect.

• A systematic review found that after 10–20 weeks, 66% of children maintained 14 consecutive dry nights compared with only 4% of children with no treatment

What is the Dry Night Trainer?

The Dry Night Trainer resembles a child's watch and can be worn either on the left or right arm. The bed-wetting alarm has two sensors which discreetly loop through the sleeve of the pajamas and clip on the underwear in order to detect any drops of urine. At the first drop of moisture, the alarm will sound, waking the child up. Gradually over time the child will learn to ‘hold on' throughout the night without waking, or will wake up and go to the toilet. After 14 dry nights in a row, the child should not need the alarm anymore.

The Dry Night Trainer is an advanced device that makes use of miniature electronics. The currents being used in the sensors to measure the humidity are extremely low and therefore absolutely safe. It also adheres to all required medical standards.

Childs motivation

It is important that the user of the alarm (the child) is motivated to conjure up the discipline needed to work with this method.You can increase the childs motivation by going at this training in a playful manner and using the supplied covers for the alarm. These come in the shape of a football, a star, and a flower.