Age: 65 & over
5 out of 5
Changed my life
" At the menopause I suffered from urge incontinence which just grew worse despite physiotherapy at the hospital where I was taught how to do pelvic floor exercises. I had to visit the bathroom numerous times every day and night , so going out became a real problem even in the car or to the local shops. I thought this product might help a bit, so took a chance because of the 30 days money back. It has far exceeded my expectations and I would say I am 90% cured. Hardly ever use it these days. Will do so before any holiday just in case, but don't take it with me anymore like I used to. "
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Age: 55-64
5 out of 5
" I received this little item recently, and I have to say how fantastic it is.
It has given me relife is such a short space of time.
I no everyone is different but for me it is just
wonderfull. So easy to use and very compact.If you have a problem then this could very well be for you too,
Dont hesitate to get it, try it, RELIFE.
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Age: 45-54
5 out of 5
Very Effective
" I would now not be without it. For years I have had the problem of having to plan my outings around finding the nearest Ladies, not any more, I have much better control and now if I feel the need to 'go' I don't have to panic and rush off I can quite easily wait. I didn't realise that it had worked until I noticed that I was starting to be able to reach home without driving with white knuckles on the last part of my journeys home. "
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Age: 45-54
5 out of 5
It works
" I bought this with a little trepidation, as not sure if this would really work for me?
You do have to be committed and give this time as this is not an overnight fix, I have been using this for the last 6 weeks everyday other than when menstruating, and I have noticed a vast improvement I think that maybe another 4 weeks and I can start the maintenance program.
I bought this for the stress program as found with age this starts to go, but now I feel much more confident in doing more sports without the worry.
Worth a try if you want to improve the muscles without having to have surgery, which for me must be a plus.