Feature of the Month - Scratch and Dent sale!

Sometimes things happen. Boxes get damaged. Well what do we do? We pass the discounts on to you! The product inside is not damaged, just the box and can't be sold in retail stores. We have 3 products to pass on to you at considerable savings:

Purely Yours (comes with a free cool 'n' carry tote)

Purely Yours with Carry  All

Purely Yours with Backpack

Check out our shopping website for more details.

Also on sale this month:

Stock up for summer!  $8.99 regular retail $16.99

Canadian Made

Several of the brands that Mothers Choice carries are made by Canadian companies (like Dimpleskins Naturals, PumpEase, Mom's Kisses, Angel Care, NaturzAire and Imp Prints.) While we donít make it a point to select a brand solely on what their country of origin is, as a Canadian distributor we are thrilled to be carrying the products offered by these companies and to bring them to mothers and their infants across our country.