MAMATens -- for pain relief during & post-labour

Why not make informed choices about all the pain relief options available during child birth?
Having a baby is a special moment in a woman's life. The good news about having a baby in today's modern times is that a wealth of information is readily available: from healthcare providers, on the web and in bookstores. With so many pain relief options available during childbirth; making informed choices about pain relief options has become extremely important.

  • Natural
  • Completely safe
  • Easy to use
  • Non-invasive, non-addictive & without side-effects
  • Small & portable

MamaTENS is the new generation digital maternity TENS which delivers pure, powerful and controllable relief from labour pains. It features extra high levels of pain relief, using innovative comfort strength control technology which prevents short spikes, which may be experienced by other TENS machines if pads are detached during use. Used in the early stages of labour, TENS can help mom remain at home for longer and have control over their pain relief. Many women find this level of control incredibly empowering, as this allows them to be completely in tune with their body's needs, enhancing their level of pain relief exactly when they need it; something that isn't always possible with drug based therapies. MamaTENS is also beneficial after the birth, easing post-natal pains.