Born of Necessity 


Collect, store and feed using a single innovative milk container. Snappies are used in many of the NICU units across North America as the container of choice for collecting, storing, and freezing breast milk. Precious liquid need not be wasted when using a Snappies container. Pump Directly into the container from any standard breast pump - electric, manual, hospital - as it will fit any standard breast flange. Put the container into the fridge or freezer for later use, or feed immediately. You choose.

  • Ready to use: airtight and leak resistant containers with aseptic interior,  no initial sterilizing required

  • Hinged flip top lid can be opened with one hand, lid locks out of the way while in use and closes with an audible snap. Never drop a lid again!

  • Built in label section label directly on the container

  • Pump, freeze and feed with one container

  • 12  - 70ml containers per box

  • Made from food grade polypropylene, BPA, PVC, DEHP free so you can feel safe using it.

  • Disposable and recyclable