Why choose Sterifeed?   Sterifeed has more than 20 years experience in the supply of Breastmilk storage bottles for neonatal units, special care nurseries,and pediatric departments at major hospitals across the globe. All Sterifeed bottles feature a smooth inside neck that works to  increase the positive seal required between cap and bottle.  This is especially important during pasteurization to avoid contamination.  Made from clarified polypropylene , these are strong rigid bottles with accurate graduations suitable for pasteurisation & freezing. They are also suitable for autoclaving. Bottles can be re-used by using a bottle washer with a disinfectant cycle, or for use at home with regular cleaning as recommended by your health care professional. All Sterifeed bottles are compatible with any standard breast pump - Hospital multi user pumps and single use breast pumps. Glass bottles are available by special order. The bottles come sterile ready to use in tamper evident bags or in bulk.  

What makes polypropylene environmentally friendly?

  • Polypropylene is made from carbon & hydrogen and is manufactured without any dangerous emissions.
  • Polypropylene can be re-cycled , incinerated or landfilled without any harm to the environment..
  • When burnt, PP will only give off water vapour and carbon dioxide, which is converted by photosynthesis.
  • Polypropylene satisfies the four requirements of the EC Environment Commission.
  • Minimum use of natural resources.
  • Reduced emission of polluting substances.
  • Long working life.
  • Optimises re-use and recycling