TensCare is a leading UK company with a team committed to continuous research and development. TensCare provides unrivaled levels of pain relief and provides benefits for those suffering with incontinence.

Mothers Choice Products is proud to bring the leading brand of TENS machines to Canada. TensCare has developed a discreet and compact pelvic floor exerciser called Elise to help with incontinence issues.

MamaTens for labour is a standard of care used by UK midwives to help labour longer at home and reduce the potential for intervention for those who wish to have a natural, drug-free labour and delivery.

For those kids who have problems staying dry at night, there is a dry night trainer to help them learn to "hold on".

What is TENS? (Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation) TENS overrides the nerves that are causing the pain, or it can be used to strengthen the muscles. For pain relief, TENS uses an electrical current to encourage the body to release endorphins, which are natural pain-relieving chemicals (the body's equivalent of morphine). It also targets the pain gate, which stops the pain signals from reaching the brain. TENS is a safe, drug free and proven therapy for pain management.

What does TENS feel like? Depending on the mode used it will vary from a soft tingling feeling, similar to pins and needles to a pleasant thumpy feeling.