Link to an article written by 3S Health shared services in Saskatchewan regarding the work we have done there.


My Ameda pump is quiet, simple to use, and most importantly easy to keep clean.I love that it's light in weight and comes with batteries so I can pump on the go. I also really like how comfortable it is and that I can manually adjust both my speed and suction.Great purchase

Thanks, Jamie

our daughter was provided your breastpump prior to pregnancy …and still uses it as Sophia is one year old…our grand baby has NEVER had a drop of formula only breastmilk thanks to your breastpump.

Brenda RN
Owen Sound

I am very satisfied with Mothers Choice. I receive the products very quickly and enjoy seeing the customer happy.I have had only great reviews about all of the products. I will continue ordering to make the customers happy. Besides the breastfeeding products I really enjoy the imprints. They are fun.


Mothers Choice is a wonderful company, with lots of Great resources for new mothers. They have tons of information about breastfeeding, along with high quality products. Their staff of registered Nurses and Breastfeeding councilors is fantastic and are always ready to help. Last year at the Khatsalano! Festival we had a breastfeeding tent available to mothers to rest and breastfeed in comfort. One of Mothers Choice breastfeeding councilors was there to help out any mothers who had questions or were having trouble and she was absolutely wonderful.                                                                                                     

Amy W.

I love Mother's Choice Products for their commitment to providing quality products with a focus on promoting breastfeeding and education. The level of service provided by their team is invaluable!

Jessica H.
Burrard Pharmacy, Vancouver


To receive a solution to our problem is WONDERFUL news, from a distributor that has given us nothing but excellent service for almost 20 years!

LC, British Columbia

I would highly recommend Mothers Choice Products as a place to purchase any products, especially breast pumps. They have fantastic customer service and a President who truly values and appreciates customers, which is rare to find in this day and age!

I purchased my Ameda Purely Yours Ultra pump with Mothers Choice after a recommendation from a friend and I am so glad I did. They pump arrived very quickly. When I had some questions about the pump, the customer service at Mothers Choice was out of this world!! They were so incredibly helpful, pleasant and followed up after. I am so impressed with them that I have told so many friends of mine that are expecting to purchase their pumps from Mothers Choice.


 British Columbia