Penguin Deluxe Nutritional Warmer – 4 well

The Deluxe warmer comes in single or 4 well configurations. Penguin Nutritional Warmers intuitively warm breast milk consistently. The technology is based on temperature rather than time to gently bring a feeding close to body temperature while preserving the nutritional value of the feeding.


The Penguin Nutritional warmer is designed to warm breast milk to maternal body temperature. Rooted in evidence based research from the last 30 years, this nutritional warmer has proven to warm breast milk and formula feedings to the thermo-neutral zone (32.2 to 37.7 degrees Celsius). This is effective in protecting 100% of the milk’s delicate nutrients and properties. This guarantees your infant receives all the nutritional value at each feeding. The Penguin® Warmer warms feedings based on the continuous temperature feedback from the feeding and NOT based on time.

Deluxe model include additional benefits:

30% smaller footprint than Original Warmers
Interactive/easy to use
HD Color Graphic Display that indicates warming cycle status

There are 3 warming options:

Warm – refrigerated or room temperature warmed to body

Frozen – Frozen milk warmed to body temperature

Thaw – frozen milk thawed to refrigerator temperature

The Penguin Nutritional Warmer utilises the properties of water to promote gentle and safe warming. Because liquid to liquid warming is so efficient, this nutritional warmer is able to perform optimally with incredibly low heat. This in turn, protects the milk or formula from hot spots or extracting plastic chemicals, whilst preserving the valuable nutritional properties of the breast/milk and formula. The gentle vibration causes the milk to rise up and fold in on itself, and ensures less breakdown of the unique nutritional components that make breast milk special. The Penguin warmer will hold the temperature of the milk steady for 30 minutes once the desired temperature is reached.

The Penguin nutritional warmer uses a proprietary Therma-liner to warm and protect the feeding.   The Therma-liner uses water – the ideal thermal medium  – in an external pocket to warm the feeding.  The water in the outer pocket never touches the feeding, and this creates a “closed system” within an “inner pocket”. Some might even refer to it as waterless. The Penguin Warmer is the ONLY warmer optimized for many makes, models, and sizes of breastmilk bags, volu-feeds and bottles currently used across the world. The Penguin accommodates feeding containers up to 270 ml and syringes up to 140 ml.  Each liner is can be used for 12 hours before being recycled.