Hospital Products:

About Ameda

Ameda breast pumps are made of the highest
quality components and have been used by top
healthcare institutions and millions of families in
order to provide the best nutrition for their babies
– that’s the Ameda Difference!
Since 1942, Ameda has been the leading innovator
of breast pumps and has continued to deliver
unmatched quality and service to lactation
professionals, institutions. Ameda continues to set
the industry benchmark for breast pump vacuum
and cycling standards. Ameda strives to offer
value, safety and ease of use for all.

About Sterifeed

Sterifeed has more than 20 years’ experience
in the supply of breast milk storage bottles for
milk banks, neonatal units, special care nurseries,
and paediatric departments at major hospitals
SteriFeed is the market leader for high
quality milk storage bottles, suitable for both
pasteurization and freezing All Sterifeed bottles
have universal threads making them compatible
with any standard breast pump kit.

About Mamivac

Mamivac nipple shields are ergonomically
shaped and made of thin, hypoallergenic,
tasteless silicone. These highly durable nipple
shields are used to encourage a baby’s latch
to the breast or protect sore nipples. They also
help with nipple confusion and in returning a
bottle-fed baby to the breast. Nipple shields
are usually used on the recommendation of a
health care professional, for
short term.

About Joeyband

Joeyband™ is designed to support baby in a
proper position during skin-to-skin contact and
to prevent infant falls with a patented design that
ensures quick and easy closure while delivering
a snug fit every time.
Joeyband™ provides quality improvement in infant
care and patient safety through increased Skin-to-
Skin Care, Proper Positioning, and Fall Prevention.
Joeyband™ offers peace of mind by preventing
falls and suffocation/Sudden Unexpected Postnatal
Collapse. Used by hospitals and families worldwide,
the Joeyband™ is optimized for NICU, c-section,
water-birth, and for use with twins and triplets.