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Our Favourite Dimpleskins Naturals Baby Skincare Products

Baby skincare is so important, and you are always so aware of all the things that you’re going to put on their skin. You want something that is safe, natural, and will actually be good for your baby’s skin.  

Some of our favourite products come from Dimpleskins Naturals. Here’s a bit about each of these great baby skincare products: 

Bum Bum Balm: 

The original zinc-free Bum Bum Balm from Dimpleskins Naturals has been around for about 15 years. It has a really good scent and calendula in it, which is great for healing. It’s also beeswax-based. You just need to use a little tiny bit on the diaper changes where you might notice a bit of a rash. Because it’s zinc-free, it’s also safe to use with cloth diapers. So if you use a zinc-based diaper cream, it can interfere with the absorbency of your cloth diapers, so that’s why Bum Bum Balm is such a great alternative. Bum Bum Balm is available in an 85-gram tin and a 30-gram tin. This way you can have one for home and one for your diaper bag, so you’re never going to be without it.  

Sweet Cheeks:

One of our other favourite Dimpleskins products is Sweet Cheeks. This is a lavender and vanilla-based balm. It has the same beeswax base as the Bum Bum Balm, which means it’s really great in the winter, especially for little chapped cheeks, raw elbows, and anywhere you might see a little bit of dry skin. If you put this on, it soothes the skin, and helps clear up the dryness. This again is a really great product. It’s called Sweet Cheeks because it’s so sweet.  

Boo Boo Goo: 

Boo Boo Goo does exactly what it says, it fixes all those boo-boos. When you have a toddler or a little one just learning to walk, cuts and scrapes are inevitable. Boo Boo Goo has some healing properties in it, so if you put it on their little cuts and scrapes, it doesn’t sting and it will help them heal. This product is great because your little one is not going to be afraid of you coming at them with something that’s going to sting and make their cuts hurt. It’s also great for mosquito bites and has a light, pleasing scent. Boo Boo Goo does a really great job of healing those little cuts and scrapes. If you’re not a fan of a scent but you’re looking for a very gentle balm, Basically Bare for you. It’s an unscented version but includes the same great beeswax-base. 

As with all Dimpleskins Naturals products, a little bit of product goes a long way. They’re good for one full year once opened, so they will last you for quite some time.  

Dimpleskins Naturals products are available at many retailers all across Canada and online.