As a midwife, you know moms and babies. Mothers Choice Products is pleased to support midwives through our multi-user pump rental program as well as our line of Labour TENS products. We provide best-in-class products that have been safety and quality tested and approved by Health Canada.

Breast Pumping & Nursing

MCP selects breast pumps and nursing products that safely support milk production and breastfeeding for new mothers during their time in the hospital and at home. Each product has been specifically designed to meet the needs of new mothers and infants.


Supporting proper infant position during skin-to-skin contact and preventing falls, the Joeyband is our go-to product to promote safe skin-to-skin contact for all parents, during those vital early moments and days for newborn babies.

Labour & Post-Partum Pain Relief

TENS Machines offer a natural, effective solution for labour pain relief and post-partum recovery. The Perfect MamaTens is safe to use after 37 weeks’ gestation. MamaTens helps moms to remain upright and mobile during labour. The device also aids in descent and dilatation which supports a natural, drug-free form of labour pain relief.

Hospital Products

Ameda Pearl

Ameda Pearl Designed to boost milk supply for pump-dependent, late, pre-term, and full-term moms.

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Highly durable nipple shields used to encourage a baby’s latch or protect sore nipples.

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The market leader for high quality milk storage bottles, suitable for both pasteurization and freezing.

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Personal Use Breast Pumps

Ameda Mya Joy Plus

A small but powerful, quiet, and portable hospital-grade breast pump for moms at home.

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Ameda Mya Joy

The Ameda Mya Joy delivers on the ultimate promise of comfort and ease by offering a wide range of settings, mom-friendly features, and portability.

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Patient Guides

What To Look For In A Breast Pump

Learn what to look for and avoid when selecting a breast pump.



Breast Pump Rental Program

As part of our commitment to well-being of mothers and babies, MCP is proud to offer our Breast pump rental program to ensure every parent who needs a pump can have access to quality breast pump devices. If your clinic is interested in joining the program, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch!