Innovative Drug-Free Labour Pain Relief

TensCare has many years’ experience in providing a modern, safe drug-free solution for labour pain and Perfect Mama Tens is the  latest TENS maternity unit in their maternity range.

The Perfect mamaTENS maternity unit uses the latest technology and is, above all, portable and easy to use. Perfect mamaTENS will help you ease  the anxiety that comes with labour as it is safe for both the mother and the baby.

There is a lot of scientific evidence behind the effectiveness of TENS in alleviating childbirth pain. Keeping that in mind, they designed this TENS maternity unit to not only tick all the boxes but go an extra mile. It is effective not just during the birth but also helps with back pains during pregnancy and can help with a quicker postpartum recovery.

The Perfect MamaTens unit is approved by Health Canada, as well as being proven scientifically to provide effective pain relief.  As an additional safety feature, it has an open circuit system integrated, which means if the electrode does not have full contact, the power will be cut off automatically. Talk to us about your questions, we are here to help.

Scientifically proven drug-free and natural pain relief

Safe for both mother and child

useful during labour and after childbirth for pain management

Clinically proven programs specific for labour

Effective relief of labour pain and discomfort

Safety shut off in case of lead disconnection

Recommended by Midwives and Doulas

The MamaTENS machine helps you remain upright and mobile during labour, which can aid in the descent and dilatation of your baby and provide a more natural, drug-free form of labour pain relief. Some moms even find they can labour at home for longer before going to the hospital!

Maternity TENS Machines are proven to provide safe and effective pain control and pain relief during labour and childbirth.

Helping You Feel Better Naturally

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is ultra-safe and covers a wide range of pain management and medical therapy. TensCare is dedicated to improving quality of life through products that help people feel better naturally.

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Perfect MamaTens Machine For Labour


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