Partner with us for access to top tier products for moms and babies, carefully selected for exclusive distribution in Canada.

Why Mothers Choice Products?

With three decades of experience, Mothers Choice Products (MCP) offers unique marketplace expertise. We do the research for you and your customers, including constant evaluation of new and existing products to ensure everything we distribute continues to meet consumer expectations. MCP selects and distributes only the best products for parents and babies for those early days.

Our Selection Process

Mothers Choice Products carefully selects each brand for distribution based on four key factors:


Our brands offer best-in-class products for safety and overall quality.


Mothers Choice Products has over 25 years of marketplace experience.


Mothers Choice Products seeks out innovative products to make parenting easier


We only select products we would confidently use for our own families

Supporting Canadian Companies

Mothers Choice Products is proud to carry a variety of products from Canadian companies including Dimpleskins Naturals, Prenatal Ease, PumpEase, JoeyBand™, and Imp Prints. While we do not select brands based solely on their country of origin, as a Canadian distributor we are thrilled to support local businesses that meet our quality standards.

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