Vacationing and Pumping

Vacationing and Pumping

Taking your first vacation away from your little one? You may have questions about how to keep up your milk supply while you are away. Here are some tips:

1. Bring a portable, light, effective breast pump & extra pumping parts with you

2. Bring a hand pump as back up, especially if traveling on a long trip or to a place with limited electricity

3. Use storage bags – easier to travel with!

4. Make sure you have the right electrical adapter if you are traveling outside of the country

5. Pump when your baby would normally breastfeed

6. Store your milk safely, ask ahead of time if you’ll have access to a fridge or freezer & bring a cooler bag for transport – here are storage guidelines for your reference.

7. Know your airline’s rules about bringing milk back on the plane or plan to ship it back with a reputable milk shipping company

8. And, have fun & relax!

Written by:

Pamela K. Murphy, PhD, MS, APRN, CNM, IBCLC
Certified nurse-midwife, lactation consultant, OB nurse, educator, healthcare administrator, mother & wife