Before or after baby…when is the best time to buy your breast pump?

Before or after baby…when is the best time to buy your breast pump?

If you’re pregnant, you may have already started thinking about breastfeeding. You may even have a breastfeeding plan in place. But if you’re considering buying a breast pump while you’re pregnant or adding it to your registry, our advice is to wait.

There is comfort in feeling prepared. However, it’s tough to know what you need before your baby arrives. There are so many variables that will make your breastfeeding experience unique, and you won’t know the answers until after you hold your precious bundle in your arms. What if you have breastfeeding challenges and need a hospital grade pump for an extended time? What if your baby refuses the bottle no matter what you try? The choices can be quite overwhelming: single, double, manual, electric, hospital grade, etc.

Here are a few things to consider when determining what type of breast pump to buy:

Are you planning to use your pump for occasional feedings or are you planning to pump exclusively? If you are planning to exclusively breastfeed with the odd bottle given by dad, grandma, etc., then a manual pump will likely do the trick.

A manual pump uses hand-operation to create suction. You can collect as little or as much milk as you desire (comparable to an electric pump) but it is more time consuming and labour-intensive. Manual pumps can be great for travel as they don’t require a power source, or if you are planning to only pump occasionally.

If you plan to go back to work while you are still breastfeeding, a double electric pump is a no-brainer. It’s a particularly wise investment if you will be exclusively pumping or if this is your first child and you are planning for more in the future. It will undoubtedly become one of the more useful tools in your parenting arsenal!

Double electric pump: These pumps are run by a motor, either plug-in or battery-operated , and allow for pumping both breasts simultaneously with the motor doing the work for you. This will allow you to express more milk in a shorter period of time. Convenient and time-saving, a double electric pump is ideal for busy moms and frequent pumping. Today you have more choice than ever in pumps, but make sure you buy a recognizable and reputable brand name.

Do your research!

Breastfeeding is a natural, unique, and rewarding experience for most families. Some will struggle and some won’t, every experience is unique, and every baby is unique. What worked for your first child might not be the same for your second. Should you decide to pump, keep in mind that a pump cannot replace skin-to-skin contact and all the benefits to mom and baby that come with it. Enjoy your pregnancy and when you start thinking about breastfeeding make sure you do your research. Take the time to really consider which pump fits you and your baby’s needs. Also check into the company that you wish to buy from. Not all pumps advertised have a class II license, especially ones on line. If the pump is available in stores, or has an actual brand and website it is likely legit. Online platforms have less stringent rules about selling proper class II devices. Quality might cost a bit more up front, however it will likely save you in the long run. Reputable companies will offer a multi year warranty so check that out as well. And buy when the time is right. Breast pumps don’t often go on sale and waiting until after you have your baby won’t change that.

Good luck and happy feeding!

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