Why You Should Get The Eboo Squeezable Nightlight For Your Baby (2023)

Why You Should Get The Eboo Squeezable Nightlight For Your Baby 

The debate over the pros and cons of nursery nightlights is still ongoing, and the truth is… there is no wrong answer! We think a soft nightlight glow can be a miracle to both babies and parents. Add in a super cute and squeezable option and whoa, you’ve got something special! 

Here’s why we love the Eboo Squeezable Nightlight!

Parents, we know you want to check on your baby, and when there is soft illumination, it just makes things easier.  

When your baby wakes up in the night, it’s a lot less stressful for them if they can see their environment and have a comforting squeezable toy. The act of squeezing a toy they know and love can be very soothing and calming for young babies and can even help them back to sleep more quickly on their own! 

Soft illumination can also help during those groggy midnight diaper changes without waking you up so much that it makes it harder for you to return to sleep.  

Children’s nightlights are for parents too! 

A nightlight’s main function and purpose is to assist young kids with a fear of the dark, also known as nyctophobia. Whether they wake up from a nightmare or unrelated causes, a warm illumination emitted from the device, can help reduce stress without the need to turn on a bright room light. Having this reassurance tends to soothe babies back to sleep as they come to feel the sense of familiarity with their environment. A squeezable night strengthens the comforting sensory experience by giving the child extra touch stimulation and feedback.  
Parents, that means more likelihood that you won’t have to get up to soothe your baby as often – and more sleep for everyone is a good thing!  

Our favourite nightlight is the EBoo Nightlight from TENSCare because it is tactile, comforting and has the perfect amount of light for those nighttime visits or wakeups. 

The Eboo is soft plastic and squishy and emits a delicate soft light that won’t interrupt sleep but will help you see enough to avoid obstacles. Unlike the bright lights of usual lamps, the dim light of the Eboo children’s nightlight doesn’t alert your brain to become active, therefore it won’t jar you or your baby awake. The eBoo is a portable, battery-powered squeezable nightlight, that both baby and parents will love.