Labour Support

From Bump to Baby – My Perfect mamaTENS Birth Story (2023)

by Claire Smith After hearing so many positive birth stories with using TENS, from mums and midwives, I felt reassured knowing I had my perfect mamaTens machine ready and waiting. […]
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Perfect Mama TENS – A Labour Lifesaver (update 2023)

Hey there Mamas! My name is Serena and I just gave birth to my first child, a beautiful little boy, 4 weeks ago, and I wanted to introduce you to the Perfect Mama TENS machine! Maybe you’re all made of stronger stuff than I am but I was straight up terrified of giving birth throughout most of my first and second trimester. By the time the third trimester rolled around, I was merely extremely nervous about labour (thank goodness for prenatal classes and kind sisters who told me their birth stories). It was at this point that I was told about TENS machines specifically designed for labour, which completely changed my whole labour experience and helped me deliver the sweetest Christmas present ever!

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