Getting to Know the Sports TENS 2 for Muscle Toning & Recovery (updated for 2023)

Getting to Know the Sports TENS 2 for Muscle Toning & Recovery

At Mothers Choice Products we love to talk about pregnancy, breastfeeding, and all things mom and baby. We also like to talk about healthy living, and the variety of products available that can help you feel your best.

One of the products we keep in our toolbox is the Sports TENS 2 from TensCare. This is a tiny little device of goodness that includes a wide range of programs for muscle pain, plus EMS programs for muscle toning. The Sports Tens 2 even has a muscle-relaxing program for those tired, tight muscles. 

To learn more about the Sports TENS 2, you can watch our video overview or keep reading below.

What is the Sports TENS 2 used for?

This wonderful device has been specifically designed to help you tone your muscles, as well as relieve muscle-related pain or swelling that may be stemming from physical activity. The Sports TENS 2’s massage program also enables you to soothe your sore muscles and alleviate stress. 

The Sports TENS 2 has been clinically designed for multiple parts of your body with over 50 programs to choose from. This conveniently large range of specific and targeted programs means that choosing the right one is key. Fortunately, the instruction manual in the box provides a good overview of all the different programs available.

The Sports TENS 2 uses EMS, which is electrical muscle stimulation; TENS, which is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation; and a massage program to rehabilitate, exercise, strengthen, rebuild, or relax your muscles. The device’s expansive collection of program combinations ensures you’re able to access a multitude of settings that continuously meet your changing needs. 

What’s in the box?

In the box, you’ll find the Sports TENS device along with the charger and the leads that you’ll need to plug into the machine and your electrodes. The machine also comes with small electrode pads, which are good for targeting small muscle groups. You do have the option to purchase larger electrodes to target larger muscle groups if needed. The Sports TENS is a powerful, portable, lightweight and easy-to-use device. 

How to get started:

When you’re ready to use the device, you’ll want to make sure you have the battery fully charged. Then you can connect the electrode wires to the machine and place the electrode pads onto your body. 

Once the device is connected to your body, go ahead and turn on the power button. Hold it down for three seconds and it will come on. Then, choose the program that you want to start with. If you’re not sure, start with Program One as it is the least intense and the most constant. From there, you can use Channel One or Channel Two, or both at the same time. You will keep increasing the amplitude (pushing the arrow up on the CH1 or CH2 buttons) until you feel a muscle contraction or the tingling sensation of the TENS. Once you have found a program that you like, the Sports TENS 2 can save this program for you so you can access it quickly in the future.

  • To start the machine press and hold the On-Off button.  
  • To select a mode, press the Mode button: the options include Constant Mode or Burst Mode, Modulation, and Stimulation.  
  • To select a program, press the Program button.  

You will be able to select from a range of options, including TENS only and EMS programs. The device also includes pre-set programs that target specific muscle groups. The included manual features instructions on how to use the different modes and programs, including the massage program for relaxation. The user manual is excellent and explains these modes and programs in a helpful amount of detail, so you should have no problem finding the right one for you. 

The Sports TENS 2 is a great device that provides a range of benefits and works on multiple areas of your body. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Our product team is always happy to talk about our products and help you choose the right device for your needs. 

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