Mya Joy Comparison Review (Real Mom Review 2022)

Ameda Mya Joy vs. Medela Comparison Review by Christy

Christy is a mother of five, and until recently, she had only used a Medela breast pump so, we asked her to give the Ameda Mya Joy a try. This was her experience:

Initial impressions?


I enjoy the simple aesthetics of the Mya Joy and like the look, but I was concerned that it would not get powerful enough. With my Medela I felt that it often did not work well enough, and if I could make it more powerful maybe I could trigger more production. However, when my Medela was on high power levels I experienced more discomfort due to that power.


I was pleasantly surprised to discover that despite the Mya Joy’s fewer power levels, (and how I assumed that meant less power), I found this pump to be effective at achieving letdown without any discomfort. I think that this is due to the design of the pump; the flange worked great for me! It didn’t require any fiddling or moving around to get the position just right, (unlike my Medela, despite trying 2 types/sizes of flanges).


I like how the Mya Joy breast pump connects. It works well and simply without all the extra pieces to have to fit together, and it is easy to clean. My Medela comes apart into more pieces which are easier to lose, and often require readjustment.


I did a quick Google search and found out that my Medela Freestyle was over $100 more than the Ameda Mya Joy.

Final opinion?

Both pumps look fine, but I like the look of the Ameda better. The Mya Joy was easier to put together, use, and get into the right place. The Ameda Mya Joy is also more comfortable AND easier to clean! With all that and considering the cost difference, I would 100% recommend the Ameda Mya Joy over the Medela Freestyle.