Labour Support

From Bump to Baby – My Perfect mamaTENS Birth Story

by Claire Smith After hearing so many positive birth stories with using TENS, from mums and midwives, I felt reassured knowing I had my perfect mamaTens machine ready and waiting. […]
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Beauty and the Beast (wrinkles!)

Plastic surgeries, lasers, chemical peels – there are millions of procedures people undergo to hide the signs of aging. As a rule, they are pretty costly and, unfortunately, only lessen […]

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Breastfeeding norms are highly impacted by a culture and country’s practices, history, laws, and beliefs.

Breastfeeding support and Information

Breastfeeding Norms Around The World

The World Health Organization (WHO) breastfeeding statistics show that only 41% of babies under six months experience exclusive breastfeeding (EBF). With various cultural beliefs, it is not surprising that breastfeeding […]

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